Niah Juella McLeod

Niah Juella's award winning work has been commissioned by Tourism Australia and various others throughout the world


Niah Juella Mcleod is the daughter of Aboriginal activist, poet, healer, musician and Yuin Elder Bobby Mcleod, Niah’s works tell of stories passed down. Paying homage to her history, her works have also been inspired by motherhood, as the mother of two children and connecting with mother nature.

My art was always a form of meditation for me which I used as a way to relieve anxiety and provided me with an outlet to express my creativity differently, it wasn’t until I was with my family on the South Coast that I really connected with it as my career.

I looked at myself, my life a little differently, my scribbles, my drawings were more meaningful.

Niah Juella McLeod
Niah Juella is a descendant from the Monero, Wandandian and Yuin people from South Eastern Australia, Niah Mcleod currently resides in Bangalow, NSW.